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 Theme I:  Making a thymus
Thymus formation: TEC progenitors, lineages, function, longevity
HSC-BM haematopoiesis: T lymphoid progenitors - identity, entry, function
T cell development: lineage commitment, intrathymic progression, selection, emigration
In vitro models of thymus formation/T cell induction

Theme II:  Breaking the Thymus
 Ageing, disease, infection, therapeutic side effects (chemotherapy, radiation)

Theme III:  Repairing the Thymus
 Cytokines, growth factors, TEC progenitor/stem cells
Immune reconstitution - pre-clinical/clinical

Theme IV:  Peripheral T cells
Peripheral T cell subsets
Activation/signalling, regulation of T cell responses
T cell memory, T cell exhaustion
APC/DC, Nonclassical T cells: NKT, MAIT
Immune ageing

Theme V: The three “T’s” in treatment: Tolerance, Tumours and Transplants

Autoimmunity and tolerance
T cell cancers and treatments
Transplantation acceptance

Theme VI: AIRE in all its glory: 20 years and still going strong

We strive to give all delegates an opportunity to present their work, therefore conference themes may vary according to abstracts submitted.
Oral presentations will be 20 minutes (15+5).
We will have a dedicated poster session, and opportunity for short talks by New Investigators.